Our Services

Soul Dogs Inc specializes in a advanced ambit of services. While we action cutting-edge treatments, we additionally focus on bactericide strategies to ensure our patients break blessed and healthy. Acquaintance us to acquisition out more.




Soul Dogs, Inc. employs abounding behavior/mental bloom therapists with a array of expertise. We are all trauma-informed therapists and specialize in this area. We are accessible to teams, families, and providers to abetment in commutual an appraisal and developing a behavior abutment plan to account the individuals we serve. We are actuality to advice you advice your consumer. This is in accession to the counseling with the individuals.


Soul Dogs, Inc. prides itself on its behavior casework department. While we all advance behavior modification techniques, we specialize in trauma-informed brainy bloom analysis as we attending above the behaviors to absolutely accept the alone and abutment them. Body Dogs, Inc. adheres to the three key factors of trauma-informed care/treatment:



emotion management

We individualize every affairs which additionally may accommodate but is not bound to mindfulness/relaxation training, anatomy acquaintance training, arresting abilities and amusing abilities education, psycho-education, art therapy, yoga/meditation, and animal-assisted therapy. We accommodate behavior casework in English, Spanish, and ASL.


Soul Dogs, Inc. provides absolute behavior/mental bloom assessments to individuals served by bounded Association Centermost Boards. We accumulate advice from the individual, ancestors (if available), added programs, and bodies in the individual’s activity (with the individual’s permission) to advance an abundant behavior plan to abetment the being in affair their goals.


Our new Mentorship affairs adds to our wrap-around casework by allegorical our participants in the appropriate direction. Participants are akin with a coach who provides 1:1 sessions to accommodated our client's anniversary goals. In addition, the coach can accommodate brainy bloom and anatomic support.

We acquire the Colorado SLS waiver.

Assistance in these areas for our


 Learning about job opportunities in the acreage of abstraction or breadth of absorption while accepting accessible directional coachings such as resume review/critique or account practice.

Money Administration practices include; budgeting, reviewing coffer information, and managing savings/checking or bills. Registering to vote in bounded and civic elections.

Develop a abiding career ambition or apprenticeship aisle and analyze accomplish against accomplishing it.

Obtain links to added professionals for networking purposes.

Practice advice a affliction and communicating disability-related assignment abutment and adaptation needs.

Assistance in reviewing abeyant academy courses and authoritative recommendations for advance selection.

Assistance in anecdotic safe and fair practices if active in a aggregate environment, such as autograph a   “roommate contract”.

Training in ADL’s such as; chores, hygiene, and affable practices.

Learning how to be out in the association and anatomy ample relationships.

Healthy abuttals training.

Coping abilities and affecting regulation

Social development training.

Obtain a account of opportunities or assets for Conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses.

Professional memberships and associate groups.

Leadership opportunities.

Books, articles, reports, and submissions.

Website searches and research.

Trauma Focused Women's Group

The Body Dogs, Inc. Ancestors Activity Center, Acceptable Able Women Accumulation AKA Women’s Group, is aimed at adopting the cachet of women through education, empowerment, and association support.

The accumulation will brainwash women on the capacity of women’s health, empowerment, self-compassion, brainy bloom (trauma and recovery), abandon adjoin women, women’s rights, relaxation/meditation, animal health, and diversity.

Current Groups:


Accepting Colorado Access, DD and SLS Medicaid Waivers, and Cocky Pay

Our mission is to accommodate affordable community-based multi-cultural casework for families in the Denver city breadth while acceptable the lives of parents and accouchement with concrete and bookish disabilities.  

These casework accommodate affectionate apprenticeship and support, ameliorative supervised visitation, ancestors therapy, alone therapy, art analysis and classes, children’s therapy, distinct mom education, and support. Our affairs is provided accidentally and in being at our Ancestors Activity Center. 


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The Body Dogs, Inc job coaches stick with the actor alike afterwards they’ve gotten the job. Accurate Application in the abode is aloof as important as training.

The job drillmaster will actuate with the administrator how abounding hours of on-the-job training and/or administration are bare for anniversary individual. The job coaches will accompany the alone to the job sites for as continued as the alone needs the support- initially accelerated abutment and again footfall bottomward to eventually (for some) account or account support. The ambition is to accord the alone as abundant ability at assignment as possible.


The Job Development appearance of the Body Dogs, Inc. Job Casework Affairs is focused on free the participant’s abode preferences, exploring interests, applying for jobs of interest, and account training. Body Dogs, Inc. provides job training casework for both individuals adulatory to assignment in the community, as able-bodied as individuals adulatory to focus their career aisle against the beastly casework industry. Abounding individuals adulation animals and ambition to assignment in the beastly industry but do not accept the abilities necessary. Body Dogs, Inc. prepares participants for paid association application in the beastly casework field. The beastly casework acreage is a aggressive acreage and Body Dogs, Inc. provides community-based acquirements adventures based on the participant’s interests and preferences. Body Dogs, Inc. additionally provides job development casework for individuals that do not ambition to assignment in the beastly industry. All industries and preferences are welcome. Body Dogs, Inc. is invested in accouterment intensive, advancing abutment that enables participants, for whom aggressive application at or aloft the minimum allowance is absurd absent the accouterment of support, and who, because of their disabilities, charge support, to accomplish in a approved assignment setting.  All Body Dogs, Inc.'s training and employer ally are Association Chip Administration (CIE) which apply and alternation individuals of all abilities.

Animal Industry Jobs may include, but are not bound to:

Kennel maintenance/kennel care

Assistant to abode manager

Assistant in a veterinary clinic

Walking dogs for a veterinary clinic, accommodating society, rescues

Assistant in doggie daycare

Customer account in a pet store

Bather for a dog groomer

Assistant in a boarding facility

Any job in any industry


Work Acclimation Training

This affairs is for those whose disabilities absolute them from accepting aggressive employment. The Body Dogs, Inc. Assignment Acclimation Training Groups accommodate goal-directed casework absorption on convalescent accepted employability abilities such as attendance, punctuality, dress and hygiene, assignment stamina, and interpersonal relationships with co-workers and supervisors. Assignment Acclimation Training about takes amid 1 and 3 months to complete. Casework can abide until objectives are met or until there has been acclaimed progress. It may accommodate applied assignment experience.

Many individuals adulation animals and ambition to assignment in the beastly industry but do not accept the abilities necessary. The Body Dogs, Inc. Job Address and Job Development programs adapt participants for paid association application in the beastly casework field. The beastly casework acreage is a aggressive field. Body Dogs, Inc. provides ability and community-based acquirements adventures for job casework participants to accretion abilities and ability of the positions they accept to administer for.

All participants in the Assignment Acclimation Training are appropriate to accept with DVR.


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Soul Dogs, Inc. understands that circadian dog training isn’t for everyone. This is why, as of January 1, 2022, Body Dogs, Inc. will be alms “SCC Groups” to individuals on the DD Abandonment and SLS Waiver.

What is "SUPPORTED ASSOCIATION CONNECTIONS?" affairs that helps participants admission the association and convenance activity abilities in the absolute world!

SCC is time spent in the association with abutment staff.

The affairs runs Monday-Thursday from 9am-3pm.

Each circadian accumulation has an boilerplate of 10 participants attending.

Participants charge be transported to and from Body Dogs, Inc. (map) for their program. Participants charge participate in a COVID-19 screening afore every SCC Group. Bootless COVID screenings crave abreast and the actor will charge to be best up by the provider. We advance providers accomplish COVID screening afore participants are transported to Body Dogs, Inc.

Types of Outings We Go On



Fishing | Armpit Seeing | Hiking | Mountain-Top Mediation



Walks | Sports | Amateur | Exercise | Ball Parties



Food Drives | Recycling Projects | Esplanade Cleanups | Apartment Days



Malls & Food | Zoos, Farms, & Affluence | Museums


An onsite day affairs four days/week (Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs) is provided on-site so the Body Dogs, Inc. citizen dog trainers may advise the dogs and our train-the-trainer participants the all-important abilities to alternation dogs in basal obedience, as able-bodied as affecting abutment and account functionality. Our ambition is for anniversary actor to attain his/her/their best anatomic level, or to be accurate in a way acceptance him/her/them to accretion an added akin of self-sufficiency. We accept dogs are a basic allotment for these individuals to feel safer and beneath abandoned so they may bigger admission the community. 

Services will accommodate abetment with self-care, acoustic stimulation, and abridgement of all-overs to acoustic stimulation, as able-bodied as reinforce abilities accomplished in this program. The dogs will be accomplished the abilities bare to abate the symptomology associated with PTSD. For example, the dog can arrest agitation attacks, admonish the alone to booty medication, actualize a barrier in accessible if the being feels crowded, and aid in hyper-vigilance by allowance aphotic apartment and axis on lights, and abbreviation amusing all-overs by accepting a accomplice in the association that they trust. Participants may accept to become complex in the train-the-trainer affairs area they will apprentice to alternation dogs; at the end of the affairs they may accept to advise classes to association associates beneath the advice of Body Dogs, Inc.’s trainers/staff.

Skills necessary, such as dog training, dog grooming, and feeding, veterinary care, CPR/First Aid, etc. are accomplished in the on-site train-the-trainer affairs to participants in a way they may accommodate so they accept the call of caring for their beastly partner; additionally, specialized classes will be accomplished by bounded professionals, and the agents frequently host accumulation discussions that chronicle the article done with our dogs to the article we chase in our accustomed lives. 

The train-the-trainer affairs is amid abutting to a park, a training area, beyond the artery from a band capital with abundant stores, restaurants, bloom clubs, etc. Additionally, the train-the-trainer affairs ally with bounded businesses in the beastly industry to apprentice added means to affliction for our pets. The train-the-trainer affairs spends about 25-50% of its time in the community. The blow of the time is spent acquirements and training at the day program.

Supported association admission will be a allotment of the train-the-trainer affairs anniversary day, demography the dog-participant teams into the association to convenance abilities abstruse in the onsite affairs as adumbrated above. SCC supports the abilities and abilities all-important to accredit the actor to admission archetypal activities and functions of association activity with the abutment of their beastly partner. These activities action in the association area our participants collaborate with non-disabled individuals and apprentice how to ask for advice and cross circadian activities of the “typical” population, such as grocery stores, big-box stores, restaurants, banks, parks, etc. These activities animate socialization with the accepted association and acquirements how to acknowledgment questions about their dogs and the purpose of the dog. It will additionally accredit us, as abutment persons, to accept what the training needs are to bigger abutment the individual.

Outings may accommodate but are not bound to libraries, grocery stores, big-box stores, 16th Artery Mall, restaurants, accessible transportation, museums, the airport, bounded baby concerts, artery fairs, dog parks, parks, and classrooms at the bounded association college, etc. The ambition is to advise abilities in the community, absorb and advance on abilities abstruse in day habilitation, feel safer and added adequate in the community, and be a bigger dog caretaker.

Our day affairs additionally offers activities and outings different to training dogs. Participants may accept to do arts and crafts, apprentice new skills, comedy with our animals, and adhere out with accompany while here. We action a advanced ambit of activities that changes anniversary day so participants may try new things.


The dog trainer academy is agnate to our alternation the trainer program, however, this is a registered apprenticeship. That agency that individuals can appear and assignment through our accessory aggregation as abettor dog trainers. Area they accretion hands-on acquaintance alive with dong, acquirements how to train, account dogs, analysis dogs, ESA dogs as able-bodied as accomplishment dogs. Forth with the hands-on experience, individuals additionally do classroom acquirements area they awning capacity like beastly psychology, accommodating education, how to accession a puppy, how to run accumulation classes, and more. By the end of the apprenticeship, individuals will be accessible to booty their acceptance assay to be a accustomed dog trainers. 


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