Meet the Directors


Ashley Bueghly


Ashley Bueghly MSW is our Behavior Casework Administrator and developed the Ancestors Activity Center. She accustomed her MSW in November 2021 and has been accouterment ameliorative casework to this citizenry alongside Chris Anderson for the accomplished six years. Ashley believes that counseling is the alembic for architecture a solid accord with her clients. Her access is interactive, warm, and accepting. She specializes in trauma-informed affliction and grief. Back animal beings acquaintance agony or astringent activity stressors, it is not aberrant for their lives to unravel. Ashley helps her clients, who accommodate children, adults, and families, to acquisition advantageous perspectives of themselves and strengthen their relationships.
Area(s) of Expertise: Agony Recovery, Affliction and Loss, Parenting


Chris Anderson


Ms. Chris Anderson Ph.D. ACSW LCSW CCTP CDTK is the architect as able-bodied as Controlling Administrator and Analytic Administrator of Body Dogs Inc. Chris started Body Dogs, Inc. with the dream of utilizing animals as healing agents for those disturbing with trauma. She accustomed her MSW in 1978 and Ph.D. in 2010. She has been a therapist for 43 years. Additionally, she develops programs and nonprofit agencies to accommodated the needs of the underserved and disenfranchised. She supervises all clinicians and ensures all programs at Body Dogs, Inc. are ameliorative and ethical. Her areas of ability accommodate adapter disorder, adoption, trauma-informed therapy, animal behavior problems, and brainy health. She has appear two accessories on acceptance in The Qualitative Report, a peer-reviewed online journal. Chris is an adoptee and was an accelerated advance affliction ancestor from 1998-2003 and a host home provider (adult advance affliction for individuals with bookish disabilities) from 2006-2021. Chris is the bearing mother of three and grandmother of three with addition on the way; she is advance grandmother to a 17-year-old babe and charcoal a [foster] mom to her ancestor who abominably has been confined for 12 years.
Area(s) of Expertise: Adoption/Adoption Trauma, Adapter Disorder, Bookish Disabilities, Brainy Health

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Joel Schneider


Joel Schneider is a University of Colorado- Bedrock alum who didn’t acquisition his absolute calling until 2010 back he began alive with adolescents with behavioral and brainy bloom issues. Back again he’s been a absolute affliction staff, case coordinator, application specialist, job coach, director, and developed abandonment case manager. Joel has a affection for accurate application and award individuals with I/DD the jobs area they can feel connection, support, and happiness. He’s consistently been a able anchorperson and is consistently blessed to allotment our mission and affection with any alignment attractive to added abutment the I/DD community. Joel will strive to ensure that his agents are knowledgeable, compassionate, and empowered to accommodate the best casework possible. Joel hopes you will appear accompany us back you are ready.

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Renee Roemer


Renee Roemer is the Day Program/ Beastly Account Administrator at Body Dogs Inc. She is amorous about abutting individuals with animals aural the affairs as able-bodied as alfresco of the program. Renee works with our dog trainers and audience anniversary day to assignment on allowance audience to advance abilities bare to appropriately assignment with and handle animals, in the achievement that they will be able to administer the abilities both while at Body Dogs as able-bodied as in the community. Renee additionally works to advice affix individuals with aboriginal duke adventures in the community. Renee is alive appear actuality a nationally certified dog trainer as able-bodied as CARAT adjudicator for beastly behavior.